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Lear's Macaw, Brazil

Lear's Macaw, Brazil

Lear's Macaw, Brazil (Dani Lopez-Velasco)


Flame Bowerbird, Papua New Guinea

Flame Bowerbird, Papua New Guinea

Flame Bowerbird, Papua New Guinea (Joshua Bergmark)


Hooded Grebe, Argentina

Hooded Grebe, Argentina

Hooded Grebe, Argentina (Dani Lopez-Velasco)


Shoebill, Uganda (Julien Mazenauer)

Shoebill, Uganda (Julien Mazenauer)

Shoebill, Uganda (Julien Mazenauer)

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More birds on our professionally crafted itineraries which prioritise spending maximum time in the field for the hardest species.

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Upcoming tours

1-9 March 2023

9 days

São Tomé & Príncipe

Discover these hotspots of endemism off the west coast of Africa with more than two dozen exciting endemics. Natural selection has conjured everything from Giant Sunbird down to Dwarf Ibis in “the Galápagos of Africa”.

24 March - 8 April 2023

16 days


On our tour to this welcoming country we will look for Sahelian specialities such as White-crested Tiger Heron, Scissor-tailed Kite, Savile’s Bustard, Quail-Plover, Golden Nightjar and Cricket Warbler.

4-13 April 2023

10 days


This underrated destination features superb and easy birding for spectacular species like Horned Guan, Pink-headed Warbler and Ocellated Quail. Yucatan specialties including Ocellated Turkey will be on the agenda of the extension amongst ancient Mayan ruins.

Extension available

Red Panda in Singalia Forest

5-11 April 2023

7 days

Nepal: Red Panda & Singalila Forest

Expert local trackers will help us find Red Pandas in pristine bird-filled forests which offer easy Himalayan birding and photography - over 200 species expected!

21 May - 6 June 2023

17 days


This remote adventure goes well off-road, exploring some truly wild areas from the Gobi Desert to the Altai Mountains in search of Black-billed Capercaillie, Hodgson's Bushchat, Oriental Plover, Relict Gull and much more.

1-15 June 2023

15 days

Indonesia: Java & Bali

Truly a last-chance to search out several rapidly declining Sundaic species while they can still be easily targeted, and every other Javan endemic from west to east. The extension seeks Sumatra's most threatened birds in the Aceh province.

Extension available

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Our team

Joshua Bergmark

Josh lives in tropical Australia with his partner Shahaf and daughter Aya. Working as a professional bird tour leader since he was 16 and travelling extensively throughout Australasia, Eurasia and Africa, his particular passion is for New Guinea and the Pacific where he guided extensively with Birdquest over the last decade before founding Ornis Birding Expeditions.

Julien Mazenauer

Julien started birding when he was 10 and quickly expanded his passion all over the Western Palearctic and ultimately the whole world, where he has been leading tours on five continents for the past five years. When at home in western Switzerland, he lives with his partner Hélène and devotes much of his time counting birds high up in the Alps or looking for vagrants!

Daniel López-Velasco

Dani is a life-long, highly enthusiastic and experienced birder who started birding at the early age of 5. He lives in Asturias, Northern Spain, and worked as a professional bird tour leader with Birdquest for over 10 years before starting Ornis. His travels have taken him to over 80 countries across the world, with his favourite places being the Neotropics and the oceans.

Daniel Aldana Schumann

Daniel was born and raised in Guatemala City, but has since relocated to the beautiful and biodiverse slopes of Toliman Volcano, where he lives amongst many special endemic birds! He worked for Tropical Birding for several years before joining Ornis, and has plenty of experience leading tours across Central and South America.

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