Upcoming women's tours

Our brand-new women-only bird tours are run by a female Ornis leader working exclusively with the most talented female ground agents and local guides from Africa and Asia to Europe and Latin America. Our hope is that this initiative will help give the visibility and support these fantastic guides deserve, in a world of birding tours mostly dominated by men.


Bringing you enjoyably short and comfortable highlight birding tours to exciting countries, we can connect international groups of like-minded women birders in a safe and welcoming space. Please feel free to send our team a message if you would like any additional information or advice about this special set of bird tours by women, for women.



1-16 September 2024

16 days

Indonesia: Vogelkop West Papua ~Women Only~

It is impossible to forget the first time you see a Western Parotia dance, a Black Sicklebill transforming at dawn, or a Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise glowing like fire in the dark forest understory. This is the true “Attenborough Experience"!

Guaranteed departure

1-14 December 2024

14 days

Peru: Northern Highlights ~Women-Only~

Explore Peru's exceptionally diverse north, from the coast to the Amazon rainforest - Inca Tern, Marvelous Spatuletail, Scarlet-banded Barbet, and so much more!


13-27 February 2025

15 days

Philippines: Highlights ~Women-Only~

Tours to the Philippines are typically characterised by tough birding in degraded habitat, but this tour focuses on the best patches of forest with a huge array endemics! From Flame-breasted Fruit-Dove and Spotted Wood Kingfisher to Azure-breasted Pitta and Visayan Wattled Broadbill!

28 April - 8 May 2025

11 days

Spain: Steppes to Pyrenees ~Women-Only~

This spring tour takes in some of the most important natural habitats in Europe, focusing on some excellent birds whilst enjoying Spain's world-famous gastronomy, climate, and culture!

20 May - 3 June 2025

15 days

China: Sichuan ~Women-Only~

A short tour taking in the best birding sites of Sichuan. Expect some superb species like Blood Pheasant, Chinese Monal, Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Grandala, Red-winged Laughingthrush, Great Parrotbill, White-browed Tit Warbler, Przevalski’s Finch and much more!

12-24 July 2025

13 days

Costa Rica: Highlights ~Women-Only~

This highlights tour to the most astounding birdwatching destination in all of Central America is expected to record a high number of endemics and near-endemics, including Resplendent Quetzal, Fiery-throated Hummingbird, Wrenthrush, Snowy Cotinga and many more.


TBC 2026

TBC days

Requests for ~Women Only~ tours in 2026

Send us an email if you have any ideas on which destinations you might like to see offered as Women-Only trips in 2026, or if you are a local operator who would like to work with us!

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